1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi Census

I have finally placed online the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi census that I transcribed quite some time ago. The long delay basically came down to how best to display the data online. I finally chose a database format, since I believe it provides the best options.

You can visit the actual transcription using the last link below, or peruse some of my articles on the actual transcription process...

Pleasant Bryant of Lawrence County, Mississippi
While conducting genealogy research one of the most aggravating problems encountered by genealogists are name changes through records. Whether the name change is deliberate or accidental, it makes the research of the person/family much more difficult. Case in point, Pleasant Bryant of Lawrence County, Mississippi.

1000 People - 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi
I have completed my first grand in transcribing people from the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi census. This occurred on the 24th page, 34th Line of the Lawrence County Census, household #177. Looking at it in numerical perspective that puts the average household size in Lawrence County as 5.67 people. This number may be somewhat off kilter, considering that one of the "households" transcribed was a hotel.

The Enumerator and Dyslexia
I've done many a census transcription in my times, and am amazed by this enumerators ability to mess things up. In the latest case, I find a hint of dyslexia in Deputy Marshall, John A. Reegan, enumerator of Lawrence County, MS.

Deciphering Handwriting - Part 1
While struggling to decipher handwriting in the 1850 Lawrence County, MS census I have repeatedly came across the same first name, which I cannot accurately decipher.

Did Fred Have a Sex Change?
One would have to wonder if Frederick Ward had a sex change between the 1850 and 1860 census. Now of course we know he did not, but the 1850 census listing for him doesn't help sway that idea. The following image reflects Frederick's entry in the 1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi Census (pg 418a, line 41).

Duplicate Pages
I have found 4 duplicate pages in Ancestry's online version of the 1850 Lawrence County, Census images. This duplication is redundant in their online index, thereby duplicating the names of 168 Lawrence County, Mississippi residents.

Berry R. Bridges
Anybody who does transcription work in the 1850 census, will be amazed at the age difference between husband and wife. Or maybe they won't. There are still marriages today where one spouse is more then 10 years older then the other. But during the 1850's this was very common. I found an interesting marriage in the 1850 census, which showcases the age difference.

The 1850 census for Lawrence County, Mississippi has been transcribed, and is awaiting a review by a friend before posting. The final post concerning the people in the census is left to John E. Reegan, the assistant deputy marshal who took the census.

1850 Lawrence County, Mississippi Census

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